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Searching for “Wine Tasting Near Me” in Cairns? The Advantages of Tours and Packages Over Self-Driving Trips

If you love food and wine, it may be time to look into wine tasting trips in Cairns. Wine tasting tours can be incredibly fun and a great way to experience a new region and all it has to offer when it comes to wine and food. You can use your vehicle or rent one, of course, but there’s a better option: a guided tour. Here are some of the reasons to book a guided tour rather than go it alone.

Take advantage of others’ knowledge

There are so many highly-rated establishments that it can be difficult for a newcomer to know which ones are indeed the best, how long each tasting will take, and whether you’ve put together an itinerary that’s logistically practical. When you undertake a guided tour, someone else has researched on your behalf and will provide you with a perfect plan for tasting the best foods and wines and having the best overall experience. They know where the best farms are and what time you need to leave to get to your next stop.

Enjoy drinking – rather than spitting out – the wine

If you embark on a fruit wine tour alone, you have one major issue that you won’t have with a tour guide: drinking and driving. Instead of swallowing the wines you taste, someone in your group will have to use the spittoons that are available in tasting rooms so that they’ll be able to drive safely to the next stop (and back to your hotel at the end of the day). Also, there’s always the possibility that the designated driver could end up swallowing more than intended, and then you have a safety issue on your hands. Instead, book a tour guide and let them do the driving, leaving everyone in your group free to relax and enjoy the experience thoroughly.

Learn about the wines and the region you’re touring

Even the most seasoned foodies and wine connoisseurs can stand to learn a thing or two on a tour. The best trips are led by experienced guides who are passionate about food and wine and about sharing what they know with other enthusiasts.

An enhanced tasting experience

There’s more to wine tasting than looking for notes of cherry and cigars as directed by the script. Guided tours often include behind the scenes access with lots of interesting information about the foods and wines on offer. There’s something special about tasting a delicious drink or dish when you know exactly where it came from and who poured their heart and soul into making it.

Searching for “wine tasting near me?” Let Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures help Whether you live in Cairns or you’d like to travel here to see and taste the region’s offerings for yourself, Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures has fruit wine tasting packages to suit your needs. The next time you find yourself looking for “wine tours near me,” contact Brett’s to learn more about our tour packages and how we can make yours the trip of a lifetime.


Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners and Where to Book Local Food and Fruit Winery Tours in Cairns or a Wine Tour in Trinity Beach

Do you love food and wine but haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing a guided tour? You aren’t alone. Many people find the thought of a wine tour intimidating, imagining that they’ll be surrounded by people who are much more knowledgeable about wines or afraid that they will ask a question that reveals their inexperience. Stop worrying – you don’t need to know anything at all about wine to enjoy a tasting. The first step is to forget all the “rules” and enjoy yourself. Everyone has different preferences; wine is experienced differently by every drinker. Here are some tips to help you feel more at home when you attend your first tasting.

Swirl and sniff

Think of wine as a scratch-and-sniff sticker for adults. Give the wine in your glass a swirl to introduce oxygen and enhance the wine’s fragrance. Lower your nose to the rim of the glass and inhale deeply before you taste. Don’t worry too much about picking up specific scents, such as oak; sniffing first primes your palate for the flavours you’re about to taste.

Spit or swallow?

The question of whether to spit out wine after tasting or swallow it is a common one. Many people choose to spit the wine out into the provided spittoons to stay sober throughout the tasting. However, many others elect to swallow the wine and enjoy the full drinking experience. If you must drive or prefer to remain sober so as not to have your palate affected by intoxication, you can spit; otherwise, feel free to swallow. It’s up to you.

Feel free to ask questions

Some people know a lot about wine, and some don’t – both are okay. Local winery tours are a great way to expand your knowledge. If you feel that the wine steward is moving too fast or says things you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Winemakers are passionate about wine and love sharing their knowledge with others.

Take notes

Yes, you can take notes at a wine tasting. In fact, it’s the best way to remember all the details about which wines you liked and didn’t like and why. Asking for a pen and paper is perfectly acceptable, and many people do it; the winery may even provide these automatically. Keep in mind that there’s nothing “right” or “wrong” you can write down – your notes are just for you, and your experience and preferences will be unique.

Where to book fruit wine tours in Cairns

If you’d like to treat yourself to a food and fruit wine tour in Trinity Beach or Cairns, book with Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures. Our Trinity Beach and Cairns food and fruit wine tours showcase the beauty and flavours of the region. Each café, farm, and boutique winery you visit on your trip offers local palate-pleasing delicacies, stunning scenery, and knowledgeable folks who are happy to share what they know about the foods they produce. Our local tour guides will share stories about the history of the area and the produce grown there and make sure that you have a fantastic time. Book your tour today with Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventure.


Looking for Food Tours? Why You’ll Love Our Full Day Private Food and Wine Tour in Cairns

A true foodie knows that sometimes you have to travel to find the best culinary experiences around. However, going on your own to an unfamiliar destination can be challenging. There may be a language barrier, or you may be seeking out a specific delicacy that you’ll have trouble finding without the help of a local. That’s when an experienced food tour guide can indeed come in handy. Whether you’re taking a food tour in your city or a whole new country, booking a guided tour is the best way to make the most of your trip. Exploring the region’s food and wine with the help of a knowledgeable local can help ensure you don’t miss out on the best the area has to offer.

Why take a food tour?

People who lead food tours are typically gastronomes themselves, just like you; they love eating and know how to find the most incredible restaurants, cafes, and wineries in the cities they live. Furthermore, they have a passion for sharing their knowledge and helping travellers experience the local delicacies for themselves. An excellent food tour guide can tell you stories of the places you’re visiting and the people you’re meeting, as well as the origins of the foods you’re tasting.

A food tour or even a full day private fruit wine tour is such a delightful way to experience a new destination. In a small group, you’ll explore the area, taking in its natural beauty and stopping by some of the local spots with the best food you’ll find anywhere. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and make memories together that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Food and wine tours are perfect for solo travellers or bring along your loved one and make it a romantic getaway for two. Either way, this is one holiday you don’t want to miss.

Where to find private wine tours in Cairns

At Brett’s Outback tasting Adventures, we offer private food tours in Cairns to satisfy even the most discerning traveller. Our full day private food tour is a luxurious and fun tasting adventure designed to showcase the spectacular Atherton Tablelands. You will fondly remember the food and wine experience you’ll have on this tour, which includes a journey through a variety of contrasting landscapes and stops at some of the best eateries and distilleries in the region.

Our tours include many extras such as free hotel pickup service, a wide variety of food and fruit wine to taste throughout the day, the chance to hand-feed wallabies, a souvenir beer cooler, and drop-off at your hotel when the tour concludes. You’ll also enjoy fascinating and entertaining commentary by your knowledgeable tour guide about the history of the Tablelands and the fresh, abundant produce and other culinary delights found in this region. You’ll even be able to spot some platypus as you sip Queensland wines or Great Northern beers. Contact Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures to schedule a truly memorable and delicious day.


Get the Most Out of Food Tasting and Take a Gourmet Food Tour or Trail in Cairns

Your parents’ generation was interested in wine tastings and spending the afternoon sipping port and hearing about tannins from a sommelier at a winery. It was expensive, it didn’t last very long, and it was limited when it came to the food. Sometimes the only thing to eat was whatever paired well with a light red. That kind of endeavour is now being replaced by a new experience. According to a recent CNBC article, food tours are on the rise, and for good reason. Food tours offer tremendous value, a unique experience, and ample variety. They are augmenting the fine dining experience and replacing wine tastings for a new generation.

Learn About the Culture

You can’t fully understand a local culture until you experience their cuisine. If you participate in food tours around Cairns, you will discover a dynamic world of flavours, customs, and experiences. The tours include visits to sites where foodies can enjoy various offerings — from exquisite cheeses to rainforest fruits, boutique fruit wines and liquors. It’s a great way to learn about new foods and to bring that knowledge back home with you or to your restaurant experience.

Cairns Food Trail Tours Allow You to Get More Value for Your Time and Money

For a reasonable price, you can have a tasting adventure tour, plus a dinner of your choice from Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventure in Cairns. Additionally, you get an all-day experience visiting farms, a distillery, and a coffee plantation. You get the benefit of skirting the edges of the rainforest and weaving through the outback. You don’t get that from a winery. A food tour will leave you feeling full and satisfied and with a story to tell. No one wants to hear about how sweet the white wine was, but if you manage to see a platypus at The Australian Platypus Park, everyone will want to hear about it.

Get Off the Road and Onto the Trail

Cairns food trail tours give you a new perspective on the world around you. You get to see the source of the food you eat and experience the beauty and wonder of the Atherton Tablelands. You will be accompanied on your gourmet food trail tours by a knowledgeable and friendly guide who will curate your experience. All you need to do is sit back and relax while you are spirited through the outback and marvel at the rainforest. You’ll feel like a VIP as you are whisked from one indulgence to the next.

Leave the one-dimensional wine tasting to someone else. You can still get a glass of wine if you so wish, but on an excursion like this, you get that and so much more. You get the fruit wine, the food, the experience, the information, and a story to tell. So, out with the old and in with the new. Book a trip for a gourmet food tour of Cairns.


Remarkable, Genuine Cheese and Fruit Wine Tasting Experience Cairns

Let us take you on a fantastic journey throughout the eastern coast of Far North Queensland. On your trip, you will experience some of the most impressive and decadent local foods and agricultural attractions in Australia.

A Once in a Lifetime Adventure

On your cheese and fruit wine tasting experience in Cairns, you will have the exciting opportunity to indulge in some of Queensland’s unique local cheeses, native fruits, chocolates, nuts, wines, and liqueurs. Also, you will travel through glorious landscapes, taking in the beautiful scenery. You will even have the opportunity to see platypuses in their natural habitat and to feed wallabies.

Eight courses are included in our gourmet food and wine tour package, each one highlighting the one of a kind agricultural environment and local food culture of Cairns. You will taste some of the world’s rare and exotic flavours, such as crocodile, kangaroo, and dragon fruit cider. Join other culinary explorers for cheese and wine tasting experience in Cairns.

Are you a True Foodie?

Continue your gastronomic adventure with a beautiful three-course dinner. We offer an exclusive dinner package, which you can combine with the tasting adventure for more scrumptious local food and fruit wine. This incredible meal does not have to follow your tasting tour immediately but can be purchased for another evening. Also included in this special offer is a glass of local wine.

For an exceptional and educational culinary expedition, come along with Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures. Book your exclusive cheese and fruit wine tasting experience in Cairns, today.

A lifetime experience. Your trip will span the Atherton Tablelands, a diverse geographical area containing rainforests, rivers, beaches, and plantations.

For those excited and inspired by new experiences, high quality local and native flavours, and mind-blowing natural beauty join us for a backpacking adventure. To book a tour with Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures, click here.